Alianda's work in this area includes name development for companies, products and services. Our creative team can quickly generate lists of imaginative, appropriate and legally available names. As advertising and design professionals we deliver solid, innovative names that work in the marketplace. You will find us to be fast, flexible and an affordable alternative to naming companies dedicated solely to name creation. Consider Alianda for health care naming, naming pharmaceuticals, biotechnology naming, naming for special programs and much more. Our naming portfolio:


A consulting firm that speeds up organizational development


For a collection of innovative Sheaffer Pens

Protechnica A computer services company
FedEx Smart Savers For a FedEx earned discount program
LearnAlong A company devoted to educational audio products for children
The Frugies™ Cartoon fruit and vegetable characters
The Brush-Along Song For LearnAlong’s tooth-brushing audio cassette
Alianda Combining Alicia, Kiana and Daniel (wife, daughter and son of this company’s founder)
Native Arts International An importer of hand-made artifacts
Spanish Accent A translation company specializing in Spanish
Kiana's Kandies A small specialty candy maker
Companies Care For a St. Jude Children's Research Hospital corporate fundraising program
Turnstile A marketing company specializing in theme parks and attractions
Talk Back! Radisson newsletter featuring their walk-around parrot character in the masthead